Water Softeners

Collins fibreglass plastics makes a range of low-pressure water softeners (operating pressure 1.00 bar)

These are ideally suited for the farming community where borehole water often contains lime, which makes the water hard.
As water softeners are regenerated with salt, corrosion is a problem.
However, the collins water softeners are made up of totally non-corrosive materials, including the 5 port valve.

Water softeners are used where water is “hard” due to “lime” in the water. Hardness is evident by a white scale buld-up on taps and scale build-up in kettles.
The units are generally filled with an “iron exchange resin” which removes the lime through a chemical process. When the softener needs “re-generating” no 1 course salt is used. This can be added directly into the softner by oppening the oval lid and pouring the required volume into the tank.
Move the handle of the control valve from “filter” to “rinse” and allow the water to enter the softner until you can taste salt in the water discharged out of the “back wash” pipe.
Close off the water supply and move the valve into “circulate” position. This will allow water into the system during re-generation.
After 24 hours “rinse” the softner and “backwash” until salt can no longer be tasted in the water. Return the valve to “filter” until the next re-generation is required.