Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Type Of FilterP.30/1P.30/2P/36P.36/1P.36/2
Dimensions of Filter
Dia x Ht (mm)
760 x 1200760 x 1670910 x 1000910 x 1350910 x 1850
Weight of Filter No Sand (kg) 35.141.5416691
Grade of filter MediaHigh Quality Silica Sand 20/40 0.6 - 1.2 mm Uniformity
Mass of Filter Media (kg)360440320480640
Total Filter area (meters²)0.456 0.4560.6200.6200.620
Designed throughput (liters/hour)20 000 25 000 30 00035 00035 000
Pump and Moter size (kW)
Pipe sizes (internal) (mm)6363636363
Control System2" Multiport/ Ball Valves2" Multiport/ Ball Valves
Underdrain Elements16 x 250mm 16 x 250mm
8 x 350 mm
16 x 250mm
8 x 350 mm
16 x 250mm
8 x 350 mm
ConstructionGlass Fibre Re-Enforced Plastic
Pipe Work & Fittings (50 x 63mm)UPVC and ABS
Pipe Work & Fittings (external)63mm Solvent Weld PVC Unions2" BSPT63mm or 75mm63mm or 75mm
Test Pressure300 kpa300 kpa
Normal Working Pressure100 kpa100 kpa
AirventAutomatic Venting
Filter Cycles4 hours on 4 hours off continuously

Strainer Tank_MK11

Leave strainer_ MK I

Industrial Weir

IF30_2 x2


IF 36.1 with MPV



6 Tank IF36 1 plant