Filter Spares

#19 filter fittings

5 spoke gasket

Bottom P24 gooseneck


Breather pipe and fittings

Filter fingers

Jetco top assembly with diffuser

Light niche cover

Jetco top lit components

MK1 yellow basket

Mk1 Deck lid and collar

MK11 weir collar and deck lid

MK11 Deck lids

MK11 vac lid complete

MK11 weir basket

MPV cover

MPV cover

multi-port valve

Oval lid complete

scew-in top-lid and spanner

pressure gauge sight glass

screw in top-lid Mk I

skim filter basket 02A

Top goosenecks

Skim filter vac lid complete

Triple Turret with inserts

weir flap

Turret with inserts

union 50mm_a1